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Product Features
  • Designed for single color constant voltage LED lights in Kitchen worktop lighting/ bathroom mirror application.
  • DC12-24V, output current: 1ch*6A.
  • Stable sensitivity with ITR sensor, soft light up and down.
  • 3-year warranty exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working.
Technical Parameters
Working temperature 0-45℃ Supply voltage DC12V-24V
Static power consumption <1W Sensor ITR
Sensor range 0-8CM Sensor cable 1 meter
External dimension L48*W26*H13 mm Packing size L100*W65*H40mm
Net weight 50g Gross weight 65g
PWM frequency 490Hz Dimming range 0.4%-100%
Output current ≤6A Max. Output power 12V:<72W, 24V:<144W

Interface Specifications
Input port: DC plug (2.1/5.5, male)               Loading port: DC plug(2.1/5.5, female)
Direction for use
Short-time (<1.5s) blocking the sensor in 0-8CM range, output lighting will gradually light on/off;
Long-time (>1.5s) blocking the sensor in 0-8CM range, output lighting will gradually to brighten up/dim down in turn ( brighten up in this time operation, will dim down in next time operation), smartly and flexibly to adjust the brightness with good use-feeling
Sensor installation:

Typical Applications

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MINI sensor controller HX-MINI003-HS

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