• HX-SZ100-RFT20A
  • Product Introduction:
    RF20 key LED RGB Controller 20-key RF controller adopts the advanced micro control unit, it is used for controlling a variety of LED light. For instance, point source of light, flexible light strip, wall washer lamp and so on. It has many advantages such as good appearance, easy connection and simplicity to use. Adopts RF 20 key remote control to ON/OFF, adjust brightness, choose colors, change dynamic modes. In order to achieve more led strips work together, RGB amplifier is available.

Product Details

Product Features 
  • RF wireless 20 key remote RGB controller.
  • Max. output current:6A*3CH,DC12V-24V.
  • 14 modes in total, including 8 static colors and 6 dynamic changes.
  • Speed for dynamic modes is adjustable, brightness for static modes is adjustable.
  • User friendly and easy connection, as a popular product for many years.
  • CE/RoHS, 2 years warranty.
Technical Parameters 
Working temperature -20-60℃
Supply voltage 12V~24V
Output 3 channels
Connecting mode common anode
External dimension L127*W42*H33 (mm)
Packing size L135*W55*H40 (mm)
Net weight 150g
Gross weight 185g
Output gray 256 levels (RGB each)
Output current <6A(each channel)
Output power 12V:<216W,  24V:<432W
Frequency of RF remote control 433.9MHz
Interface Specifications
Power and Payload interface:

Adopt male and female connector with screw.
Direction for use
Adopts RF 20 keys remote control, The function of each button as below:
Brightness + Brightness - pause on/off
Static red Static green Static blue Static white
Static white Static yellow Static cyan Static purple
Auto run three base color jumpy Three color gradually change speed +
White flash seven base color jumpy Seven color gradually change speed-
Typical Applications
Application Circuit 1:

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RF20 key LED RGB Controller HX-SZ100-RFT20A

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