• HX-LWP86-RGB(color ring)
HX-LWP86-RGB(color ring)
  • Product Introduction:

Product Details

  • Designed for RGB constant voltage LED lights, Working voltage DC12-24V.
  • Two channels output, Max. load current: 3CH*4A; Max. load power: 144W/12V; 288W/24V.
  • The wall panel adopts the capacitive touch-sensitive design, unique appearance and easy-operation.
  • RF frequency:2.4GHz, distance up to 20 meters.
  • Memory function, each time power-on reserve the mode which stop in the last power-down.
  • Amplifier is available to achieve more LEDs sync-control.
  • Structure/dimension/installation of the wall panel according to the 86-type European standards.
Technical Parameters:
The wall panel controller:
Working temperature -20-60℃ Working voltage DC 12~24V
Static power consumption <1W Connecting mode Common anode
Gray scale 256 levels RF frequency 2.4GHz
N.W 140g G.W 160g
External dimension L86*W86*H34mm Packing dimension L150*W90*H60mm
Output 3 channels Max. Output current 4A*3CH
PWM frequency 700Hz Max. Output power 12V:144W,  24V:288W

Interface Specification

Wall-panel Installation instruction
面板安装图1    面板安装B
Direction for use
  • Connect the load wire at first, followed by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between wires before turning on the power;
  • Adopts RF full touch wall-panel remote control, with one color ring and 5 function buttons.
  • The signal light flash-- represents the signal has been sent well;
The function of buttons are shown as below:

The function of each button as below:
Name of key Instruction Remarks
ON/OFF ON or OFF in any time  
Mode The mode will move to next, when touch the key each time 9 modes in total.
Speed/Brightness + The Speed/Brightness will +1, when  touch the key each time Speed for dynamic modes, Brightness for static modes.
Speed/Brightness - The Speed/Brightness will -1, when touch the key each time Speed for dynamic modes, Brightness for static modes.
Color Ring Touch any color which is wanted  
10 modes in total as below:
No Patterns Remarks
1 Static white Brightness is adjustable
2 White flash Speed is adjustable, brightness is unadjustable
3 White breath
4 Three-color jump changing
5 Seven-color jump changing
6 Three-color gradient changing
7 Seven-color gradient changing
8 R/G cross fade
9 R/B cross fade
10 G/B cross fade
Typical Applications     
Application circuit: 

Product information for placing order
Product name Item number
Wall panel RGB controller (color ring)        HX-LWP86-RGB

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