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Product Feature 
  1. Isolated power supply
  2. Protected from over voltage, short circuit
  3. Output 0-10V signal
  4. Memory function, each time power-on reserve the mode which stop in the last power-down.
  5. 2.4GHz wireless control锛孉ir Self-inspection Sync control
  6. Compatible with Freelighting Control system锛宺ealized phone WIFI smart control
  7. Push dimming function compatible
  8. Applicable place锛欻ome, Shop, Hotel, Office and so on household/commercial indoor lighting
  9. 3 years warranty. 
 Driver Technical Parameters
Electrical Performance Test are all in 25鈩±10% temperature environment锛230VAC/50HZ input
Factor Index HX-HV-10V
Input Voltage Range 100-240VAC
Frequency Range 47-63Hz
杈撳叆         Rate Current 0.027A
Surge Current ≤50A
Standby Power ≤1.1W
Port 2 wire input (L/N)
Output Output Voltage 0V-10VDC
Output Current 50MA
Current accuracy ±3%
Reliability Power Supply Isolated Power Supply
Working Temperature Ta -20锝45鈩
Case Max Working Temperature Tc 85鈩 (working temperature 45鈩冿紝Max power)
Storage Temperature  
(relative hnmidity 20%鈥90% non-condensing)
Life 50000 hours( 25鈩±10% temperature environment锛230VAC input锛100%LOAD锛宑ase temperature 72鈩)
Warranty 3 years
Safety and EMC Certification CE-LVD EN61347-1銆丒N61347-2-13
Electromagnetic Compatibility   CE-EMC EMI锛圗N55022銆丒N61000-3-3锛
Withstand voltage I/P-O-P:3.75KVAC 
Insulation Resistance ≥100MΩ(in 25鈩±10鈩 temperature environment锛宭ower than 70% relative hnmidity锛孖nput to output锛宨nput to ground锛宱utput to ground锛宎pply 500VDC voltage respectively锛孴ime is 60s)
Protection IP IP40
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Other Wireless Control 2.4GHz
Push dimming way PUSH port /V-
Remote Control Distance 30m
Memory Function Yes
Product G.W. 70g
Product Size L90*W45*H27mm
Packing Size L96*W48*H33mm
Port Instruction 

Product CompatibilityApplicable for remote 
Single zone
Model: HX-HWP86-DIM-2.4G-4B
(Coollight system)
Typical Application
1) Compatible with a variety of models of remote control at the same time, could be matched according to project situation
2锛堿ir Self-inspection Sync control not only make the product more advantaged than similar product in wireless sync function, but also make 1 remote controller out of limitation of remote control distance, theoretically achieve controlling numerous drivers wireless connection sync control function.
3锛4 zones remote typical application, multi drivers could be controlled in each zone. 4 zones could be respectively and allover controlled

4锛塗his wireless driver also could be match with our Wifi Box to achieve phone smart control, Max achieve 100 zones to control separately.

5锛0-10V dimmer can adjust output voltage through PUSH port;
Operation: PUSH port connect with V-pin and the output voltage varies from 0 to 10V. When the output is required, make the PUSH port and V-port disconnect, and the output voltage will store the current voltage value. 

1锛塈f the lamp turned off by remote control, it also can restart the lamp directly by the AC power switch
2锛塈f the dimmer is light up without any operation in 167 hours, the dimmer will turn off automatically and output as 0V. It will recount the time if there is any operation from power switch or remote control.
3锛塃ach drimmer can save unique RF codes(for remote control) and unique wifi code(for wifi control). You can copy the RF code between remotes when more than one remote are needed. Please get the operation instruction from the remotes specification.
4锛塎emory function, each time power-on reserve the mode which stop in the last power-down.

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