• 2.4G HC-X Driver(5-12W) V1.1.1
2.4G HC-X Driver(5-12W) V1.1.1
  • Product Introduction:
    2.4G Wireless Air Self-inspection Sync CCT Constant Current dimming Driver

Product Details


1) Isolated driver
6) Memory function
7) 2.4GHz wireless remote control, Air Self-inspection Sync control
8) With TUYA-2.4G converter module, realized phone, PAD, WIFI smart control
9) Designed for constant current CW+WW LED Light Fixtures: like LED panel, LED ceiling lamps, LED down light etc.
10) Widely used for intelligent household/commercial indoor lighting, like mall, hotel, office indoor lighting design.
11) Certificate: CE/EMC/RED/RoHS
12) 3 years warranty

Technical Parameters

Electrical performance tests based on condition of ambient temperature:25 ° C ± 10%, and 230VAC / 50HZ input
Factor Index Parameter Marks
Type Isolated CLASS II  
Certification standards CE ROHS  
Control Method Remote control 2.4GHz RF  
Distance Up to 30m  
Memory function Yes  
Input Voltage range 90-264VAC 90-264VAC
Frequency range 47-63Hz 47-63Hz
输入         Rated current 0.11A(full load) 230V AC
Surge voltage 3KV  
Surge current <69A 230V AC
Standby power ≤0.9W OFF state
Efficiency >83%( full load)  
Port Three lines input(L/N/FG) L/N/FG, FG as optional
Output Port Three lines output, common anode  
Voltage range 30-42V DC  
Led string 10-12 LEDs  
Output current 130-300mA  
Max. output watt 12W(CW+WW)  
Current Accuracy ±5%  
PWM frequency for CCT 15.6KHz  
Dimming range 3-100% 3-100%
Camera effect non-flicker non-flicker
Adjustment levels 1024  
Reliability Power supply solution isolated power supply isolated power supply
Ambient temperature Ta -20~45℃ -20~45℃
Case temperature Tc 85℃
( based on work environment temperature at 45℃, And Max power supply)
( based on work environment temperature at 45℃, And Max power supply)
Storage temperature  -40~85℃
(relative humidity 20%‐90% non-condensing)
(relative humidity 20%‐90% non-condensing)
Life time 50000hours based on work environment temperature 25℃±10%,230VAC input
Safety  and
CE‐LVD EN61347-1、EN61347-2-13
Withstand voltage I/P-O-P:3.75KVAC  (I/P-FG)1.5KVAC  (O/P-FG) 1.5KVAC
protection Dustproof waterproof level IP40  
Over voltage protection Yes Maximum 44V
Short-circuit protection Yes Into the intermittent mode when short circuit, short circuit relieve automatically restore the output
Over power protection Yes 120% rated output power
Others G.W 75g  
G.W 83g  
Product dimensions L75*W38*H19mm  
Packing dimensions L90*W45*H28mm  
  Remark the sum current of two channels for CCT driver don’t exceed the maximum value of single channel current, that is, the maximum brightness is : 50%CW+50%WW.


Main-product code and Parameters

Model Rate Power Rate Current/CH Voltage Range Series LED
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-12-030 12W 300mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-11-028 11W 280mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-11-027 11W 270mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-10-026 10W 260mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-10-025 10W 250mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-10-024 10W 240mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-09-023 9W 230mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-09-022 9W 220mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-08-020 8W 200mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-07-018 7W 180mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-06-016 6W 160mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-06-015 6W 150mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string
HCT/HCBT/HCWP86/HCBK-05-013 5W 130mA 30-42V DC 10~12 string

Interface Specification

(Three lines output, common anode)

Wire specifications recommend
Input wirethree-core PVC plastic wire H05VV-F ,diameter =0.72mm,VDE certificate,core 3*1.0mm2. 300/500V,Stripping 11mm and tin dipping 3mm for the end of wire which is directly connect with the driver.
Output wirethree-core PVC plastic wire,diameter =0.5mm. Stripping 11mm and tin dipping 3mm for the end of wire which is directly connect with the driver.

Product compatibility(Remote control optional)


Item:HX-RFBT-2.4G(1 zone) Item:HX-RFBT10-2.4G (4 zone) Item:HX-RFBT12-2.4G(1 zone)
Item: HX-RFBT15(1 zone) Item: HX-HWP86-CCT-4S(4 zone) Item: HX-HWP86-XSP(4 zone)
Item: HX-HWP86-SR(PIR/Lux-sensor) Item: HX-WP86-AP (RF signal repeater) Item: HX-TUYA-2.4G-CCT

Typical Applications

1) Compatible with a variety of models of remote control at the same time, could be matched according to project situation

2) Wireless-synchronization function
Receivers which with wireless-synchronization functions will transmit the control signals from the remote control and self-inspection the work statues for each other, so multiple receivers in same zone will wireless-sync-work completely, not only static mode but also dynamic mode, to achieve wired-like operation experience. The distance up to 20 meters between remote control to receiver, and up to 10 meters between 2 receivers. RF wireless signal repeater is suggested in over range distance or when the workable distance is shorter by the materials of space, the effective range up to 30 meters.

3) 1 zone remote typical application, multi drivers could be wireless-sync controlled by the same one remote control.

4) 4 zones remote typical application, multi drivers could be controlled in each zone. 4 zone could be respectively and allover controlled

5) With TUYA-2.4G converter module, it can realize mobile phone intelligent lighting system control


1) If the lamp turned off by remote control, it also can restart the lamp directly by the AC power switch(No-flicker driver need to restart after turn off the power switch and discharge for 5s.
2) If the lamp is light up without any operation in 167 hours, the driver will turn off the lamp automatically. It will recount the time if there is any operation from power switch or remote control.
3) Memory function, each time power-on reserve the mode which stop in the last power-down.
4) For operations and precautions related to lighting system settings, please refer to the operating instructions of the relevant remote control.

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