• HX-WP86-2.4GT V1.1
HX-WP86-2.4GT V1.1
  • Product Introduction:
    RF 2.4GHz signal to Triac signal converter

Product Details

1) Working voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz; Maximum output current: 1A;
2) RF frequency: 2.4GHz;
3) Translating RF 2.4GHz signal to Triac dimming signal, compatible with triac dimmable driver and dimmable lamp;
4) Push dimming function compatible;
5) Minimum brightness of dim range is settable;
6) Memory function (except off status);
7) 3 years warranty.
Technical Parameters
Working temperature -20-45℃ Working voltage AC100-240V,50/60Hz
Sleep current 0.01A(230V) Output voltage AC100-240V
Sleep power consumption 1.2W(230V) Max. Output current 1A
Net weight 45g Dimension L51*W52*H25(mm)
RF distance ≤30m RF frequency 2.4GHz
Connection ports

(1) Minimum brightness of dim range setting:
There are 6 levels of minimum brightness to choose from: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%.
Step 1: Long press the Min set key, the light flashes 3 times, enter the minimum brightness setting state;
Step 2: Short press the setting button to set the minimum brightness, and the load will output the currently selected minimum brightness value;
Step 3: After setting, long press the setting button for 2s to save and exit the setting, or wait for 10s, it will automatically save and exit the setting, and the load output will jump to 100% brightness.
(2) Push dim function (Push switch function is available and optional in application)
Short pressing (within 1.5s): ON/OFF
Long press: stepless dimming, every long press will adjust the brightness in the opposite direction.
Connection diagram  

Tips:Push switch is optional.
Compatibility and application

Direction for use
Designed for translating RF 2.4GHz wireless signal to triac dim signal, so can conjunct triac dimmable device into smart lighting system.
It will be as a RF 2.4GHz wireless-sync receiver in the system, please operate the system setting according to the instructions from the compatible remote controls.
Product information for placing order
Product name Item number
2.4GHz to Triac converter HX-WP86-2.4GT

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