• HX-WP86-AP V1.1
HX-WP86-AP V1.1
  • Product Introduction:
    RF 2.4GHz wireless signal repeater

Product Details

1) Working voltage: AC90-265V, 50/60Hz;
2) RF frequency: 2.4GHz;
3) RF wireless transmission distance: up to 30 meters;
4) Used for wireless signal expansion, suitable for long-distance transmission;
5) Plug and play, no need to learn and set;
6) Compatible with full range of our 2.4GHz products;
7) 3 years warranty.
Technical Parameters
Working temperature -20-60鈩 Working voltage AC90-265V,50/60Hz
Sleep current 0.008A锛230V锛 Emission current 0.02A锛230V锛
Sleep power consumption 0.7W锛230V锛 Emission power consumption 2W锛230V锛
Net weight 35g Dimension L51*W52*H25(mm)
RF distance ≤30m RF frequency 2.4GHz

Connection ports

 About Wireless-synchronization function
Receivers which with wireless-synchronization functions will transmit the control signals from the remote control and self-inspection the work statues for each other, so multiple receivers in same zone will wireless-sync-work completely, not only static mode but also dynamic mode, to achieve wired-like operation experience. The distance up to 20 meters between remote control to receiver, and up to 10 meters between 2 receivers. RF wireless signal repeater is suggested in over range distance or when the workable distance is shorter by the materials of space, the effective range up to 30 meters.

Compatibility and application 

System setting and installation
WP86-AP is compatible with full range 2.4GHz products from Hoion, plug and play, no need any setting operation when joining into systems.
It can be put into EU86 plastic back housing for connection and installation.
Product information for placing order

Product name Item number
RF 2.4GHz wireless signal repeater HX-WP86-AP

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