• HX-SZ600-CT14K
  • Product Introduction:
    RF 14-key Color Temperature Controller Controller adopt the most advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital dimming technology, especially design for dual-white led strip. Adopt RF remote control, transmission Distance up to 20m,no need line-of-sight. 14 function buttons, intuitive panel allowing intelligent lighting with brilliant simplicity. Especially, it designed with Synchronization function. It is convenient to use RJ45 connector to connect the multiple controllers together, and ach

Product Details

Product Feature
  • Designed for CW+WW constant voltage LED lights, Working voltage DC12-24V.
  • Two channels output, Max. load current: 2CH*10A; Max. load power: 240W/12V; 480W/24V.
  • Adopts RF 14keys remote control with fashion appearance, no need line-of-sight. Control range up to 20 meters.
  • Memory function, each time power-on reserve the mode which stop in the last power-down.
  • 8 modes in total, including 4 static colors and 4 dynamic changes.
  • The brightness of static color is adjustable, 256 levels in total; the speed of dynamic changes is adjustable, 100 levels in total.
  • Long-press the brightness and speed key can get the fast adjustment, convenient for operation.
  • Multiple controllers can work synchronically when connected by network cable through the RJ45 connector, the network cable between 2 ports up to 100 meters.
  • Warranty of this product is two years, exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working.
Technical Parameters
Working temperature -20-60℃ Supply voltage DC12V-24V
Static power consumption <1W Connecting mode common anode
Grayscale 256 levels Speed stage 100 grade
External dimension L91*W88*H24 mm Packing size L108*W108*H50 mm
Net weight 220g Gross weight 255g
Mode 8 Remote distance Up to 20M
RF frequency 433.92Mhz Memory function support
Output 2 channels Output current ≤10A(each channel)
PWM frequency 400Hz Max. Output power 12V240W, 24V480W
Remote control
Working temperature -20℃~60℃ Supply voltage DC3V(CR2025)
Standby current <3.3uA Working current <12mA
Standby power 9.9uW Working power 36mW
Net weight 30g RF frequency 433.92MHz
External dimension L85*W51*H6  mm RF distance ≤20m







External Dimension
Packing box: L106*W106*H66 mm (controller & remote control)   

IInterface Specifications

Connection:V+→COM、CH1→CW、CH2→WW、CH3→NC (no connect).
Direction for use

  • Connect the load wire at first, following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before you turn on the power;
  • This product adopts RF 14-key remote control, the function of each button as below:
Cool white Warm white
Cool white andWarm white
/Speed +
CW  Balance WW  Balance
Cool white and
Warm white
/Speed -
Delay Off 30’s SCENE 1 SCENE 2 Dynamic mode




1. CW: Cool white 100%, warm white 0%;
2. WW: Cool white 0%, warm white 100%;
3. CWW: Cool white 50%, warm white 50%;
4. Full: Cool white 100%, warm white 100%.
5. B-Balance: color temperature balance. White B balances to cool white, yellow B balances to    warm white. The sum of two channels output power remains constant when CT balanced.
6. There have 2 DIY buttons designed for scene memory. Pressing it first, and DIY the scene, and press it again, and finish.
4 modes in total as below:

NO Patterns Remarks
1 CW and WW flash alternately Speed is adjustable, brightness is unadjustable
2 CW and WW fade alternately
3 CW and WW flash
4 CW and WW fade


Receiver can be controlled by any one the same remote as factory default; remote control delivered with unique RF code as factory default; if unique-control is needed, please matching the code before installation and using.

Matching code operation

Driver and Remote Control are coded as default, matching them before using,if unique-control or new-coded-remote is needed, pairing the remote and the receiver as below operation instruction before using:
1.Step 1: Pressing key “DELAY OFF” and hold on, power on the controller, the load LEDs will be 50%  brightness white as responding.
2.Step 2: Pressing “ DELAY OFF” 3times in 3 seconds ,corresponding to the operation, the LED’s brightness will change as 25%-10%-back to preset level.
3.Code learning successfully, the receiver only can be controlled by the remote.
4.If not, please re-operate from step 1 to 2.
Clear code operation
Back to factory default, wall-panel can be controlled by any one the same remote control.
1.Step 1: Pressing key “FUN” and hold on, power on the controller, the load LEDs will be 50%  brightness white as responding.
2.Step 2: Pressing “ FUN” 3times in 3 seconds ,corresponding to the operation, the LED’s brightness will change as 25%-10%-back to preset level.
3.Code clearing successfully, the LEDs will be back to the status before the power off, and the receiver can be controlled by any remote control(any one the same remote control can be used to clear the code).
4.If not, please re-operate from step 1 to 2.
Typical Applications
Application Circuit 1: (Tips:CH1→CW,CH2→WW)

Application Circuit 2:( Synchronization function with network Line)

Tips:  The green signal indicator light will uniform flash with proper communication, and will off with any incorrect signal connection (like: poor contact, confused input and output, wrong wire order).

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