Key Points Of High Quality Led Dimming Drivers

2016-06-23 10:13

With the rapid development of smart home, intelligent lighting become more and more important, but what’s the key points of led dimming drivers to ensure a stable control system?

Basic properties of high-quality LED drivers include:

 鈼 According to world safety regulations for lighting

 鈼 Reliable overvoltage protection

 鈼 Compliance with the requirements set out in the radio frequency interference (RFI) and harmonics suppression directives 

 鈼 Adopt PWM technology, dimming from 0% to 100%, smooth changing from one color to another and flicker-free.

 鈼 More than 82% of the overall efficiency and power factor of more than 0.93 PF, so that the product is more energy saving and environmental protection

This is how reliable, sustainable lighting installations can be designed.