• Product Introduction:
    MINI sensor controller for single color LED strip Controller adopts the most advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital control technology for controlling constant voltage LED lamps. The function is switch on/off and dim the light by the operation of people’s hand go through the ITR sensor without touching.

Product Details

Product Features
  • Designed for single color constant voltage LED lights in Kitchen worktop lighting/ bathroom mirror application.
  • DC12-24V, output current: 1ch*6A.
  • Stable sensitivity with ITR sensor, soft light up and down.
  • 3-year warranty exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working.
Technical Parameters
Working temperature 0-45℃ Supply voltage DC12V-24V
Static power consumption <1W Sensor ITR
Sensor range 0-8CM Sensor cable 1 meter
External dimension L48*W26*H13 mm Packing size L100*W65*H40mm
Net weight 50g Gross weight 65g
PWM frequency 490Hz Dimming range 0.4%-100%
Output current ≤6A Max. Output power 12V:<72W, 24V:<144W

Interface Specifications
Input port: DC plug (2.1/5.5, male)               Loading port: DC plug(2.1/5.5, female)
Direction for use
Short-time (<1.5s) blocking the sensor in 0-8CM range, output lighting will gradually light on/off;
Long-time (>1.5s) blocking the sensor in 0-8CM range, output lighting will gradually to brighten up/dim down in turn ( brighten up in this time operation, will dim down in next time operation), smartly and flexibly to adjust the brightness with good use-feeling
Sensor installation:

Typical Applications

Product information for placing order
Product name Item number
MINI sensor controller HX-MINI003-HS

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