Discussion On Protection Best Practices For LED Circuits

2021-04-16 09:46

White-light LED part of the voltage-sensitive devices, is based in practical work to a maximum of 20mA of current, but most often due to the current increase when working with all kinds of reasons, if no protective measures are taken, this increased current exceeds a certain amount of time, and later LED damage.


LED the cause of the damage caused are as follows:

1, power supply voltage spike.

2, a component or printed in a line short circuit in lines, or other conductors to form a pathway LED power supply partial short-circuit, make this place the voltage increases.

3, an LED cause damage resulting in a short circuit because of their quality, its voltage drop will pass on to other LED.

4, lamp in the temperature is too high, so LED features gone bad.

5, lamp into the water, water is electrically conductive.

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