• HX-WP86-010D
  • Product Introduction:
    0-10V Knob Wall panel dimmer HX-WP86-010D is a wall panel dimmer, which output is 0-10V analog signal,compatible with various 0-10V CV led controller and CC led driver, to achieve stepless dimming via knob control, simple and intuitive control. Standards for commercial or home 86-type switch socket box installation, can be surface mounted or concealed, with fashion appearance, easy to install, simple to use and so on.

Product Details

Product Feature
1.The working voltage is: AC90-265V, do not need to configure the adapter.
2.Output:single 0-10V, Max output current is 100mA, Multiple led lamps can be parallel connected
3.short circuit protection design, automatic recovery after short-circuit fault removal
4.Knob design, simple operation, fashion appearance
5.The structure and dimension according to the 86-type European standards. 
Technical specification
Working temperature -20-60℃
Supply voltage AC90V-265V
Standby power <0.3W
Max input power <1.8W
Output voltage 0-10V
Max supply current <0.04A
Connection wiring terminal
Max output current 100mA
External dimension L86*W86*H50 mm
Packing size L106*W106*H66 mm
Net weight 185g
Gross weight 200g
Case dimension

Connection diagram

Wall-panel Installation instruction
面板安装图1    面板安装B
Direction for use
Wall panel function
Turn the knob clockwise to increase the brightness(OFF-100%),
turn the knob counterclockwise to decrease the brightness(100%-OFF)
Typical Applications
Application Circuit

Related products
Item number HX-SZ200(0-10V) Picture
Working temperature -20-60℃
Supply voltage 12V~24V
Output 1 channel
External dimension L127*W42*H33 (mm)
Net weight 150g
Gross weight 170g
Output gray 256 levels
Max. Output current 25A
0-10V signal consumption <0.1mA
Control standard 0-10V analog signal
Dimming range OFF-100%
PWM frequency 490±5Hz
Product information for placing order
Product name Item number
0-10V wall panel dimmer HX-WP86-010D

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